Going going not quite gone

Is there something I made for someone else that you'd like but it's gonezo? Now you can order it here. In this area, you can take a look at books that I've made which have already found their new homes. Maybe something here will give you an idea of a book you'd like to have folded especially for you! Cool, huh?

Beatles 30 USD
Chicago 40 USD
Monogram 30 USD
Sierra 30 USD
Saul 2 30 USD
Saul 3 30 USD
Saul 1 30 USD
Cindy 1 30 USD
Betyn 30 USD
Hoy 30 USD
Feulner 30 USD
D paw V 40 USD
Hammer 2 30 USD
Rachel 40 USD
Epstein 50 USD