Our Story

My name is Catherine. First & foremost, I am a [single] Mom to my two exceptionally cool young adult children who just so happen to have autism. For that reason, I am a stay-at-home Mom & full time caretaker + a home school teacher as well.

(Edit: Emily is now D – U – N done with school 5/18. Wooo Hooooo!)
Considering I am at home more often than not, I started looking for a way to supplement our monthly income, while being at home with the kids.
I’ve heard it said, “Do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Well, I DO love to craft.

I’ve enjoyed dabbling in various craft projects since I was very young. Remember when everyone was doing macrame and making hanging plant holders in the ’60’s & ’70’s!?
Then it seems we all discovered Mod Podge and began shellacking everything under the sun.
5 decades have now passed and my newest passion (Thanks Terri!) is the art of book folding.

Some interesting tidbits about folding as an art:

Getting some love from our rescue goldendoodle, Samantha.

*  While it might seem like a very long, tedious process; I was surprised at just how cathartic folding is. 10 to 20 pages in, you start to get into a nice meditative state and before you know it, hours have gone by and you have no idea where time has gone while 1/2 of your book has been folded!

*  When setting up at fairs, everyone and I do mean EVERY ONE stops and is amazed. “Wow. You know, that is one of the most unique things I have ever seen! How in the world do you DO that?”
I will include a separate section and briefly explain the process here.

*  Little did I know when I started, the kids would take an interest in folding, too. Granted, it may be a page here and a page there, but they are enjoying helping out.

Here’s hoping my passion brings some light to your world!