Previous Works

Is there something I made for someone else that you'd like but it's gonezo? Now you can order it here. In this area, you can take a look at books that I've made which have already found their new homes. Maybe something here will give you an idea of a book you'd like to have folded especially for you! Cool, huh?

Big Star 50 USD
Simrit 30 USD
Barbara 40 USD
Beatles 30 USD
Betyn 30 USD
Chicago 50 USD
Cindy 1 30 USD
D paw V 50 USD
Epstein 50 USD
Feulner 30 USD
Hammer 2 30 USD
Hoy 30 USD
Monogram 40 USD
Rachel 30 USD
Saul 1 30 USD
Saul 2 30 USD
Saul 3 30 USD
Sierra 30 USD
Grandma 30 USD
Inspire 30 USD
Superman 40 USD
Cat 30 USD