The Process

First a word or image needs to be saved into my computer. When I have the image I want to fold, I open up my computer program and upload the image & book specifics, i.e.; size of the page, page count, etc. After the program has my pattern calculated, I print it out, get comfy and start folding.
Specifically for a folded only book: Each & every page has 2 folds. I measure and mark where my first fold will go and repeat the process for the 2nd fold. Turn the page and repeat several hundred times!

For a cut & fold book it’s a little bit (ok a LOT) more laborious. I would start as I do with a folded book, but between the top & bottom folds, I make several marks where I will cut into the page anywhere from 1/4″ to 1/2″ into the page and then fold those “flaps” over.  Repeat several hundred times, until you have a picture cut into your book! Sound confusing? That’s ok, I’ve figured this process out and will take the reins for you!